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All About Your Dog's Eye Health

You've probably heard the term puppy dog eyes. But, do you actually know anything about your pet dog's eyes? Learning about your dog's eye health can be beneficial, so that you can spot infections, diseases, or issues with sight so that they can get treated by a vet before any real damage is done. Here's some of the most essential information to know about your dog's optical health, as well as warning signs for if things are amiss.

Clarity is Key

One thing that's important in your dog's eyes is clarity. Bright, clear eyes are a sign that your dog is in good health. If your dog's eyes look cloudy, it's possible that there's something wrong with them.

Runny Eyes Can Be Bad

Many dogs have runny eyes, and some dog parents choose to ignore them. However, if your dog's eyes regularly have discharge, there's a chance that something could be wrong with them. Runny eyes are often a sign of an infection or allergies.

Pink Eye is Possible

Pink eye isn't just a human disease. Dogs can get the painful condition as well, which causes their eyes to become swollen and red. If your dog's eyes get red and they seem uncomfortable or puffy, it's worth it to take him to the vet to get checked out.

Watch for Cataracts

As dogs get older, they can get cataracts. Cataracts can eventually cause a dog to lose his sight and go blind. Opacity on the lens of the eye is a key sign that cataracts may be developing. Watch for cataracts, because early interventions by vets may help slow their development and effects.

Cherry Eye Requires Surgery

If your dog has a large, swollen red spot or tissue in the corner of his eyes, it's called cherry eye. Cherry eye is actually a tear producing gland in the third eyelid that a dog has. If the ligament that holds the gland in place fails, the ligament can pop to the surface and be seen. To repair cherry eye, vets must do surgery. Cherry eye is usually caused by genetic factors.

He Can Get Dry Eye

Dogs can get something called KCS, or dry eye. If tear production is impaired in dogs, they can get ulcers and other uncomfortable symptoms. You can tell if your dog has dry eye if he blinks excessively, squints, or seems like his eyes are causing him pain.

Go to the Vet

If you think something might be off with the health of your dog's eyes, make sure you take your dog to the vet quickly. Your vet will be able to diagnose what's going on with your pooch, and he will be able to give the right treatment to cure or help alleviate the symptoms from what is happening. One popular eye treatment for dogs is Terramycin ophthalmic ointment which can be used for superficial ocular infections (which can result from pink eye, corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, and more), and can be found here

Your dog's eyes are the window to his soul--and they can also experience health issues that can be uncomfortable or dangerous. Learn about your dog's eye health, and you can get good at understanding how to keep your dog's eyes well, as well as how to spot if your dog's eyes are not healthy.