2019 May 17 Specialty


Available Dogs


As a non-profit organization we work with several humane societies, city/county animal shelters, S.P.C.A.’s in a variety of areas. When we are contacted by these agencies and a dog comes into rescue here’s what happens:

  • The dog's temperament is evaluated. If the dog's temperament is not suitable, it will not be available for adoption.
  • The dog is spayed or neutered, brought current on all vaccinations, and worming, is checked for heartworm and put on heartworm preventive medication.
  • The dog is microchipped with identification using a tiny electronic device that is implanted under the skin along the withers on their backs. If lost and the dog is picked up, it will scan a code that will be traced back to the information encoded on the microchip. This also helps to prevent theft.
  • The dogs that come into rescue are restored back to health if need be and are considered adoptable after receiving final inspection by a Veterinarian.
  • We partner with petfinder.com to list the dogs we have in our rescue who are looking for forever homes. Click the petfinder link to be directed to our page on their website.